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Kamis, Februari 07, 2008

Persib Needs a New Stadium

Ini adalah tulisanku untuk tugas akhir LIA level High Intermediate. Biasalah bobotoh pastinya bwt ttg Persib dongs..
Tentang stadion, kata Pa Dada bulan Maret 2008 bakal dibangun. Ah janji dulu, mana buktinya. Trus katanya bakal dinamain West Java Stadium. Apaan sok nginggris banget. Ini kan tanah Pasundan. Aku mo usul kalo nama stadionnya adalah:
Sunda pisan kan? nah ini dia artikelnya: Persib needs a new stadium:

Indonesia has a lot of football club. However, only a little can be categorized as a big club. A big club must have a long history, a large fan, and also great achievements. One of them is Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Bandung (Persib), an Indonesian football club located in Bandung, West Java. This team has achieved many prestigious awards since their involvement in the days of the Perserikatan Competitions (Amateur League) until Indonesian League today. Therefore, until now Persib hasn’t been had a good stadium yet. So, Persib needs a new stadium with modern facilities and big capacity that can sit 80,000 spectators.

A. Why Persib Needs a New Stadium?

Everyone must know about Persib, a great club in Bandung that usually wears dominant blue costume for home match. Do you know about history of this club? In 14 March 1933 Persib was founded with name BIVB (Bandoeng Indlandsche Voetball Bond). This club was an alliance from Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Bandung (PSIB) and National Voetball Bond (NVB). The team that ever joined by legendary players like Rukma Sudjana, Emen Suwarman, and Henky Timisela has many memorable achievements. One of the most memorable achievements in the history of this club is when they became champions of the last Perserikatan competition in the 1993-94 seasons. In the final match, the club with legendary players such as Sutiono Lamso and Robby Darwis won against PSM Makassar. Before that Persib became champions in 1937, 1961, 1986, and 1990. Persib became runner-up in 1933, 1934, 1936, 1950, 1959, 1966, 1983, and 1985.

In the first season of Indonesian League in 1994-95, this team became champions when they defeated Petrokimia Putra Gresik in the finals. Persib won Indonesian League without any foreign players. As Indonesian Champions, Persib represented Indonesia for Asian Champions League in 1995. In group stage Persib, although still amateur team, can defeated Bangkok Bank (Thailand) and Pasay City (Philippines). With that result, Persib reached quarterfinal. Besides that, Persib’s coach, Indra M. Thohir became the Asian best coach. A pride result for Bandung and Indonesia society.

After that Persib never get any prestigious awards. But now in Indonesian League XIII, Persib has come up. With some great player such as Eka Ramdani, Zaenal Arif, and Christian Bekamenga Persib became a superpower club. In proved, Persib became first in half season. A glimmer hopes come, the supporters believe their loved team will become the champions in this year.

Persib Bandung has a large number of fans base from West Java to Banten. They are known as bobotoh. The bobotoh are organized into many fan clubs, the biggest which is Viking Persib Club. The supporters usually fulfill Siliwangi Stadium every time Persib has a match. They don’t care with hot or rainy weather. They don’t care even though Persib performance is up or down. They are very loyal to their pride club. Bobotoh usually supported Persib together. They don’t care about age, work, or social status. They have one purpose: “Supporting Persib forever!”
From the past until now Persib still have used Siliwangi Stadium. Siliwangi Stadium on Jl. Lombok was famously known as Persib’s home where Persib won many awards or struggled from relegation. But, do you know Siliwangi Stadium isn’t belongs to Persib? Yes, Siliwangi Stadium is belongs to Kodam III/Siliwangi. It isn’t Pemprov Jabar or Pemkot Bandung property. Because of there is no stadium that more representative than Siliwangi, Persib still used it. Persib necessary rents the stadium from Kodam every time has a home match. This is an ashamed fact, isn’t it?

Every big club should have big stadium with modern facilities and also big capacity. For example Manchester United with its Old Trafford, Inter Milan and AC Milan with their Giuseppe Meazza, or Real Madrid with its Santiago Bernabeu. How is Persib? Persib doesn’t have own stadium. Siliwangi Stadium that very identical with Persib’s home doesn’t have good facility. Siliwangi has hard grasses, bad toilet, small capacity, and still used manual scoreboard. The seat is not comfortable at all. And if the weather is rainy, the field will be flooded. There are many facilities that must be repaired in this stadium (read: “Menuntut Kenyaman Stadion”). Luckily, Persib has fanatic supporter. Although the facilities in this stadium weren’t taken care anymore, bobotoh still fulfill Siliwangi Stadium. Bandung government ought to perceive with this fact. Persib needs a new stadium as soon as possible.

B. About New Stadium
Wednesday, 14 March 2007, Persib won against Persema Malang in Siliwangi Stadium. Besides that in this match Siliwangi couldn’t received all bobotoh who wanted to watch Persib. Siliwangi was overloaded. Siliwangi is too small, so this stadium can’t received them all. After this accident, bobotoh demanded new stadium. They wanted new stadium with modern facilities and big capacity which very capable with big club. Of course, it isn’t like Siliwangi, a stadium with rather moderate facilities.

And then Dada Rosada, the chairman of Persib Bandung and mayor of Bandung, promised new stadium in Pusat Primer Gedebage (PPG). He said Bandung administration would build stadium that can received 60,000-80,000 people. He said that the first stone laying-down would be held in April. But, that was only a promised. Until now, new stadium hasn’t been built yet. Of course, bobotoh disappointed. Their wished to have new stadium suddenly disappeared. It’s also followed by shy feeling because Persib’s stadium is worse than residence team, Persikab Kabupaten Bandung. Yes, Si Jalak Harupat, Persikab’s stadium is more representative and bigger than Siliwangi.

Is it real that Bandung government will build new stadium in Gedebage? Oh, we don’t know about it, of course. In fact, until now there is no sign that new stadium will be built in Siliwangi. Bobotoh need proved, not promised only. Bobotoh thinks now is a good time for Persib has new stadium. Mr. Dada, where is your promised?

Besides in Gedebage, there is an alternative location for new stadium. Where is it? The location is Jatinangor, Sumedang. Yes, in this location there are so many students from many universities like Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad). But the big question is: where the stadium will take place.

Everyone must know about Institut Pendidikan Dalam Negeri (IPDN). These days there are so many problems in this campus. In April we heard about Cliff Muntu, a praja who death because he was tyrannized by his senior. And then in July, we knew about Wendy Budiman, a people who death because he was overwhelmed by five prajas. Besides that, we also heard about free-sex, corruption, and other problem in this campus. Many criticism have come, they claimed this campus should be dispersed.

What is the relation between Persib’s stadium and IPDN? IPDN has a very large area. If this campus dispersed, Persib can get the advantage. Persib’s stadium can be built in ex-IPDN area. Maybe this sounds crazy, but many bobotoh agree with this idea (read: “Bubarkan IPDN!! Jadikan Stadion Persib Saja!!”). Some bobotoh worried about the access to Jatinangor and the traffic jam in Jatinangor. But, that’s not a big problem. The problem can be fixed easily if Persib’s stadium where located in ex-IPDN.

Until now Persib still get operational budget from Anggaran Pendapatan Belanja Daerah (APBD). Imagine if the budget from APBD stops Persib will be confused. Meanwhile, Persib is a big club. So, this thing musn’t be a problem. Maybe state-owned enterprises will buy Persib. Persib should also get advantages from bobotoh’s fanatism. For example Persib can get advantage by selling tickets and merchandise. This is the ticket price in Siliwangi Stadium (in official agent):

Location Price
VIP Rp 80,000
Besides south/north Rp 35,000
East Rp 15,000
South/north Rp 10,000

If Persib had new stadium, these price can be ascended. That will be a profit for Persib. Bobotoh must watch Persib match although the price ascended. In Siliwangi with small capacity, Persib’s spectator is most after Sriwijaya FC, Arema Malang, and PSM Makassar. Can you imagine if Persib had a big stadium?

In summary, Persib has all criteria to be called as a big club. Persib has long, history, fanatic supporter, and won many awards. Persib’s lack is only one. That’s the very important and essential part for every club, a stadium. So, to complete the status as a big club, Persib needs a new stadium with modern facilities and big capacity as soon as possible. It’s high time! It’s about time!

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Dada Rosada mengatakan...

Ass. Wr. Wb.

Persib memang telah menjadi salah satu elemen penting kota Bandung yang semangatnya turut mempengaruhi kemajuan kota Bandung.

Banyak dana dan berbagai memang dibutuhkan untuk menggenjot kinerja Persib, salah satunya dengan perbaikan fasilitas.

Namun sayangnya dengan anggaran Pemerintah Kota Bandung yang terbatas hal itu belum dapat diwujudkan. Hal ini merupakan pilihan yang berat.

Sebenarnya milyaran dana Pemkot Bandung telah dikucurkan untuk Persib, apa daya prestasi Persib kali ini belumlah dapat memuaskan masyarakat Bandung.

Semoga dengan peningkatan prestasi Persib di masa depan, alokasi dana Pemkot untuk Persib pun ikut berkembang.

Salam bobotoh,

Wass. Wr. Wb.

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