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Rabu, Maret 05, 2008

Moratti peduli Interisti Indonesia

Saat wawancara dalam rangka centenary moratti semept menyebut Indonesia loh. Katanya dia bangga Inter memiliki banyak fans terutam di negara jauh, termasuk di Indonesia. Wuih bangga banget yah Indonesia disebut, biasanya orang asing cuma tau bali. Malhan dia bilang mau mengorganisasikan fans Inter di negara jauh tsb. Baca aja deh, ini wawancaranya dari

Moratti on Inter Channel: "100 years of..."
Friday, 25 January 2008 23:06:58
[FOTO Friday, 25 January 2008 23:06:58]

APPIANO GENTILE - Approximately six hundred people gathered on the pitch at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza early on Friday afternoon for the official centenary photograph, taken by Oliviero Toscani. Six hundred people, including Massimo Moratti and his family, Marco Tronchetti Provera and the board of directors, the club's management, Roberto Mancini and the first team, all the academy teams, Inter Campus Italia and Inter Campus Worldwide children, the stadium and Inter Club staff, the scouts, and the employees of all the various areas of the club, from the headquarters at Palazzo Durini to the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in Appiano Gentile, the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti (the home of the academy) and the warehouse staff. All at the service of one, unique passion: Inter.

Inter president Massimo Moratti gave the following interview to Inter Channel after the centenary photo:

President Moratti, it was like a photo of a family...
"Yes, a very big family. It was a very large number of people because there were all those who are part of Inter, including you at Inter Channel. It was a very nice idea by Oliviero Toscani and I think it all went very well, and I think all the players were very happy to take part. You could see they were enjoying it while the photo was being taken. It's a nice idea."

How does it feel to be the president of Inter in the centenary year?
"It's the history of Inter, and I accidentally have the honour of representing it. This is a wonderful thing, and we hope to organise things that can make the fans happy and make them proud of supporting this team."

Can you tell us anything in advance about the celebrations?

"We're defining the whole programme in these days. There will certainly be something on before, during and after the match against Reggina on the eighth of March, and not on the ninth, because the Champions League game against Liverpool has been brought forward to the following Tuesday. At the stadium we will do something nice, joyful and interesting about the history of Inter. On the same days we will also make sure the city participates actively in this anniversary. There will be exhibitions, events in theatres, meetings with Inter Clubs and the various Inter communities that will help us celebrate this event. (Smiles) We're not likely to see the next one..."

How important is the internationality of this team?
"It was born like this, as a club whose aim was to internationalise a new football team, which was Inter. I have accepted this project involuntarily or voluntarily, seeing as they all accuse us of having too many foreigners. It's a team that has always had an international fanbase. We have Inter Clubs all over the world, there is great interest in far away countries like Japan, China and Indonesia. Inter have many fans wherever you go. This is something we can see from our Internet site, which is always full of messages. We also respond to the necessity - which is also ours - to make ourselves known to them and seen by them. During the centenary we will organise things in these so-called far away countries, but actually they aren't that far away because they say everything is close now."

Inter also represents the pride of the city of Milan. The club has been awarded the Ambrogino d'Oro and the square facing the Stadio Meazza has been renamed after your father...

"I'm very pleased about these things. I believe Inter deserved the Ambrogino, and I appreciated the city of Milan's recognition for my father. I think (the city of) Milan walks arm in arm with Inter. They go forward together. Each one of us wants to feel something special in a city. I believe that Inter is a very good representation of the nice spirit of this city, and also of its constant effort and its spirit of sacrifice. I believe Inter has this spirit."

Do you ever think about becoming the most successful president in the club's history?
"I think it's important to continue to be serious day after day and try to reach the objectives in front of us. This is how you build victories. We're not thinking too much about dreams because these things come automatically and cannot be part of a project. The project is that of being serious and repeating what we have done in recent years, and maybe try to achieve a bit more. I think this is the most important thing. But I hope my father always remains the most winning president."

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